Our Values

Build Trust Through Transparency

Customers won’t buy from a company they don’t trust. Employees won’t work hard for a company that doesn’t communicate with them. We are dedicated to building trust internally and externally. When we make a mistake, we come forward. When we don’t know what to do or how to do it, we ask for help. When we disagree with an idea, we respectfully decline it. When something is unclear, we work to make it clear. When we’re excited, we invite everyone to celebrate.

Have Empathy and Don’t Be a Jerk

It’s hard to build things that help people unless you understand their pain, and it’s hard to understand their pain unless you respect them. We strive to empathize with our customers, fellow team members, and any others we interact with. We take every opportunity we have to understand our customers. We remember that no idea, client, or viewpoint is idiotic. We don’t act like a jerk to customers, competitors, teammates, our business, or anyone else.

Really Solve Real Problems

We’re not building things just for the sake of building them. We’re focused on solving real problems, and solving them well. This means understanding these issues, making sure our solutions actually help, and not letting our grand visions get in the way of actually launching things.

Don’t Take Ourselves Too Seriously

We believe work can be fun even when it’s not easy. We don’t think fun is necessarily a beer bash every Friday and a ball pit in every office. We like when someone makes us smile or laugh when we’re not expecting it. We try to make room for unexpected fun at any time, within our offices and our products. Even if it’s at our own expense.

Don’t Be a Yes-Man

Great ideas don’t happen in a vacuum. The best things are born out of debate and collaboration. We welcome feedback on all parts of UserVoice from all of our staff and customers. Healthy disagreements lead to better products.

Help People Achieve Their Goals

We always want to improve and grow. We don’t want to hire anyone who isn’t going to get something out of the experience, and we’ll help employees find a new job if they’re not. We don’t want to sell clients software unless it benefits them, and we’ll help them find a better tool if that’s what they need. Anyone who comes into contact with us should be better for it. Employees leave smarter. Customers leave savvier.

Meet Our Team

athletechs has a small, but growing team to support our providers. Our staff shares a common bond – a passion for sports, a love of children, and a concern for their safety and well-being. Many on our staff are sports administrators themselves, so they know what it takes to run a sports organization and operate it efficiently – and how to make your life easier.

Our management team is the perfect blend of experienced and successful entrepreneurs mixed with technology gurus who strive to maintain both a fun and efficient work environment resulting in great team chemistry.

Dave Everson


Responsible for product development and daily operations. Has previously served as Registrar and Vice President of a 2,000 member multi-sport organization.

Doug Wheeler

Founder / Product Evangelist

Responsible for product marketing and customer service. Has previously coached basketball, football, baseball and wrestling and also serving on the board of a 2,000 member multi-sport organization. Doug eat his own dog food by using athletechs every day to manage his children’s teams.

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