athletechs and the Future of Email Security

In the age of surveillance, eavesdropping, and data tampering, we are taking a proactive approach to increased privacy and security for our customers and registrants.

We are excited to announce, that effective today, all email sent via athetechs will utilize opportunistic encryption using TLS. For a long time now we have supported encryption for sending messages with SSL. Now when we deliver your messages to your recipient we will attempt to negotiate a TLS connection with the recipient’s mail server.

This means that as long as your recipients’ mail servers are configured to properly support TLS, it will be impossible for a passive adversary along the route to intercept and/or modify the message. Should the recipient ISP not support TLS, your message will still be delivered using athletechs’ powerful infrastructure as before—just without TLS encryption.

Rest assured your information is delivered and protected—with no added cost. Learn more about SendGrid TLS Encryption in today’s blog post from our Chief Security Officer.

ISP TLS Support


Regarding Yahoo: Yahoo does support TLS, however it is a bit more nuanced regarding security certificates. Yahoo is actively working on a fix.  This won’t affect the delivery of emails to Yahoo.