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Features & Benefits

Online Registrations

Administrative tasks surrounding youth sports can be complicated and time consuming. You have to track finances, have to create and manage teams, have to make sure everyone stays well informed about upcoming events, keep them informed of changes and cancellations, and have to do a variety of managerial and administrative tasks that involve a lot of paperwork.

Thanks to Athletechs, all the stakeholders in youth sports including administrators, families, registrants, teams, and clubs can stay well informed and connected through a fully integrated solution.

Use our online registrations feature to your advantage and have fun with your sports management tasks. You do not have to use paper forms anymore, and can stay connected with all stakeholders through social media and emails by using our services.

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Customized Registrations

Online registration through athletechs are completely customized down to each and every question on the registration form. You can add your own questions, can make answers to some or all questions mandatory, and can base the registration fee on the type of answers being received. You can also create custom fields that are for administrative use only, and can attach terms and conditions, agreements, and liability waivers etc. that the registrant must accept for their application to be expected. The collected information can be downloaded and saved in the form of reports.

By putting the power of customization in your hands, athletechs has made online registrations easier and more effective.

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Easy Pricing with No Fine Print

No one likes to be subjected to complicated billing, hidden charges, and fine print in contracts. Athletechs charges per registration, and makes youth sports registrations easier for everyone involved.

You do not have to set up a complex merchant account. There is no setup fees, monthly fee, or hidden charges.

Chargebacks result from disputed payments, such as unauthorized transactions or non-delivery of goods or services. There is a fee of $15 per chargeback. With us, you will always be in charge of the expenses and will receive no nasty surprises in your bills.

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Secure Credit Card Processing

Your registrants can pay through all major credit cards, and you can even collect cash and checks offline and then pay us for for optimal reporting and reconciliation.

We use WePay, a secure payment processing service that ensures confidentiality and does not share data with third party vendors. The credit card information of your registrants is safe with us.

We transfer the collected funds (minus the processing fees) directly into your bank account. When it comes to youth sports registrations, our top of the line secure credit card processing is the best way to collect funds for the event.

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Family Based Accounts

athletechs provides your registrants with the option to create their own family account. Using family accounts, they can login to athletechs whenever they want to view information such as team assignments/rosters, and registration updates. They can also manage their registrations through family accounts.

Sports sign up was never this easy, as registrants now have access to their own dashboards where they can view past registration, modify contact preferences and manage sub-profiles of family members. Users will also enjoy auto-fill functionality that pre-populates forms, drastically speeding up the online registration process in subsequent seasons.

As an administrator, you will be able to quickly search accounts by last name, phone number, or email address. You are able to see all linked registrations and transactions. The family based accounts feature makes registration, data editing, data storage, and data retrieval extremely easy.

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Real-Time Registration Reports

athletechs provides you access to real-time registration reports allowing you to keep tabs during the registration period. athletechs offers both canned registration reports and the ability for you to create custom reports using our report builder. The report builder allows you to report information about the registrant, the registrant’s account, the registration, the custom question responses and volunteer interests.

The registration reports can be viewed as PDF or exported to Excel (CSV).

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Simple Refund Process

We make the refund process simpler and easier by tracking refund requests. If a refund is granted within 60 days of the registration, we can simply apply a credit to their credit card. If a refund is granted after 60 days, athletechs provides tools to allow for the tracking of paper (i.e. check) refunds.

When it comes to sports sign up, there are different terms and conditions and refund policies that you will determine as an administrator. We will simply equip you with the tools to make sure all refund requests receive their due process.

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Discount Management

Once you determine what kinds of discounts you wish to offer, it will only take a few clicks and the discounts will be implemented automatically. You can offer your registrants common discounts such as family (sibling/household/scholarship) discounts, early registration discounts, and cross-registration discounts.

athletechs also allows you to issue single-use discounts (flat dollar/percentage) to your registrants. They can redeem their discounts at checkout. We utilize discount codes to issue scholarships.

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Accounting Tools / Reports

When it comes to sports registration, we make financial management and accountability easier for you. We offer advanced tools such as:

  • Open Balance Report
  • Transaction Report
  • Withdraw Report
  • Reconciliation Report

These reports help you manage your finances and can be exported to either PDF or Excel(CSV). The accounting tools we offer include but are not limited to:

  • invoice current registrations for additional charges
  • handling of refunds
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Exceptional Support & Assistance

The support and assistance we provide at Athletechs ensures that your sports registration program is a success. We take you step-by-step through the setup process, guide you at every step, and provide online support in the form of our short online class.

You can learn how to use our services at your own pace through the videos, how-to guides, FAQs, and help documents we provide.

We will assign you a dedicated Registration Specialist and help you build, test, and launch your very first online sports registration from the first step to the last, and will provide you support for the entire duration of the program.

Feel free to contact your Registration Specialist at support@athletechs.

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Leverage Your Social Network

Post on Facebook and Twitter through athletechs and reach out to hundreds of potential registrants. Social networking websites are the perfect place to advertise when it comes to youth sports registrations and you can ensure of the success of your sports event if it goes viral through such websites. althletechs will provide you with the tools to make that happen.
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Automatic Registration Reminders

Through automatic registration reminders, you can reduce late registration requests significantly, and can improve your registration rate. The reminders can be sent via email and can be automatically posted to Facebook and Twitter.
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Email Blasts

Ensure constant communication with your registrants through our email blasts feature. You can send out individual as well as group emails and keep everyone up to date about latest development in the sports events. You can attach documents, videos, links etc. with your email if needed.
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Volunteer Management

Through Athletechs, you can solicit volunteers during the registration process. The registrants are also able to indicate their interest outside the registration. You can publish your organization’s background check and concussion certification policies, and can track your volunteer’s compliance with those policies. We facilitate background check authorization to make the process faster and to make it easier for you to get qualified volunteers quickly.
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Team Builder & Team Pages

Through team pages, your registrants can view names and contact information of all their team members as well as their coaches and managers. Team Pages are password protected so that only team members and staff can view the information. Each team page has a wall and communication tool that allows team members to directly communicate with each other.

Through the team builder feature, administrators can generate rosters, can create team assignments, and can do follow up on volunteers.

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We ensure data security and protect our databases against unauthorized access and malware by using state-of-the-art technology.

The transaction and database technology we use is fully encrypted (using SSL encryption) and has multi-layered protection against all types of attacks.

athletechs also ensures that data is accessed by authorized people only, for that we put the power of permission and rights management in the administrators’ hands. We never sell or redistribute your data, and are compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

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Waiting List Management

If your youth sports events is a roaring success and you have more applicants than you can accommodate, you can use our waiting list management features that enables automatic handling of waiting lists and prompts you when a position opens up.
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